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What is the "National Ainu Museum and Park" ?

It is the national center for revive, create and promote Ainu culture.

To revive Ainu culture and live in harmony with different peoples, it is expected to be a space as follows,

To serve as a base for creation and passing on of the history, traditions, and culture of Ainu people.

To serve as a base for promoting the understanding of Ainu among people both in Japan and overseas.

To serve as a base for a national network with the goal of reviving Ainu culture.

The space will open on April 24, 2020, prior to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games scheduled in the same year, in Shiraoi, Hokkaido.

The space is a significant national project as a base for revive and develop Ainu culture facing the crisis of extermination despite being a precious culture of Japan, and also as a symbol of the society with a diverse and rich culture, non-discrimination and respect for the dignity of the indigenous people.

The space will consist of facilities as follows,

The space will consist of facilities as follows,

The National Ainu Museum, northern Japan's first National Museum to introduce a variety of perspectives of Ainu history and culture.

The National Ainu Park, where people can feel Ainu culture through dialogue and exchanges with Ainu people.

The Memorial Park, for a memorial with dignity to the ancestors of Ainu people by Ainu people.

The space will aim for one million visitors per year.